Anoxs · IRC


Tim - Administrator

Tim manages the backend of Phoenix Network. He's the one who gets things working right, but when things break you can generally blame him as well. Tim is one of the three founding members of Phoenix Network.

Awong - Anoxs Staff

Awong is the content manager of Phoenix Network, he manages the majority of public statements including the website and public releases.

krod - Staff Member

krod handles the day-to-day aspects of the network, along with keeping people in line. He is one of the three founding members of Phoenix Network.

RomMaster - Staff Member

RomMaster, a native of the Netherlands, was one of the first mods to work with the Phoenix Staff back when it was the Oceanius Free Shell Project. RomMaster is currently a moderator in the forums and on IRC. He also helps manage the many users of the free shell project. His hobbies include computers, games, tv and music. RomMaster also helps manage the Phoenix Network servers.

De_Kus - Staff Member

De_Kus lives in Germany, and came across the network looking for a home for his little "sweetheart"He is addicted to anime and manga games (wasting most of his freetime on them), while he is the idling and checking out various forums, if he is not tweaking his "sweetheart" some more. He is the master of being there without being here. De Kus has a strange tendency to be hit with large trout in IRC.

zogo - Staff Member

zogo is San Francisco based sound engineer and midi enthusiast. He hates spammers and cell-phones. He likes waffles.