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Free Shell Accounts

The main service provided by Phoenix Network is free *nix shell accounts, these are essentially just an account on a server running *nix which you can login to remotely and make use of for your own purposes. Popular uses for shell accounts here are to run IRC 'bots' and bouncers, also for development.
Phoenix Network shell accounts are relatively unrestricted compared to other providers of the same nature, we give a generous quota of ~100mb with large, soft transfer limits and relatively low memory, open files and other similar limits. We offer a number of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for outgoing and incoming connections with lax foreground limits and a limit of 4 background processes.
For safety purposes we have to prevent new users from gaining outgoing web access from our services, this to prevent abuse of the service and protect us from people making use of us for illegal activities such as DDoS. It is relatively simple to get your external web access activated, just drop by #phoenix on IRC and have a chat to one of the staff members in there (Note: You can still access our IRC network even with a restricted account, this should prevent any issues with providers/admins blocking IRC).

Webhosting Plans

We usually offer a free webhosting service to go along with the free shell service however this is currently unavailable, however we hope that it will be able to return shortly.
Any users who previously held webhosting accounts will be able to reclaim them shortly, don't worry your files are still safe. We apologize for the time it is taking to replace this service.