Anoxs · IRC

About Us

We are a group of people with the aim of providing a high standard service free of charge to the greater Internet community. Our staff and users come from all around the world and speak a wide array of languages.

We offer free Internet services such as shell accounts and web hosting packages. A shell account is a user account on our server, it is commonly used to run IRC bots, as well as developmental purposes.

It is our opinion that the online community is entitled to the services that we endeavour to provide. As we have the resources to sustain this project, the staff have decided to make such opportunities available to all. Sure, we could charge money for this and make some profit off you guys but why should we? This works fine for us.

Currently our main shell/web server is located in the Board of Trade building in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Our main server is an AMD Sempron 2400+ with 1gb of RAM and a 120gb hard drive, we can also boast a 100mbit connection to our provider which has multi-gigabit links to the internet via providers such as Cogent, RCN and AboveNet.

Although we offer these services free of charge, we appreciate any support (both financial and moral!) that our community members can give. Please check out the Contact page if you are interested in donating, getting involved, or just having a chat.