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Phoenix Network has a zero tolerance policy regarding abuse. Any breach of the TOS, as listed at the time of the breach, without appropriate renegotiation with administration will result in account suspension or termination as deemed appropriate by the staff member.

For Users:

All actions conducted on Phoenix Network hardware are logged. All addresses you use to connect to our equipment are recorded and kept for a minimum of 3 months. If you are found to be in breech of our TOS or other conduct as stated around the network's sites you may be subject to the following:

If you believe another user on Phoenix Network is in breech of any TOS or rules of any nature specified in any form please contact and we will look into it.

For Others:

Phoenix Network is committed to removing and dealing with offenders who breach our TOS, rules or local law. With that in mind Phoenix Network advises you that it takes no responsibility for the actions of its users. We request that if any issue arises that you contact us first and not any of our providers (including but not limited to SharkTech, FDC, Cogent, RCI, Anoxs, S4Y, FlyServer or any domain registrar). Please only contact these parties as a last resort, in most cases we are more than willing to help you solve any issue you may have with us or our users.

As part of our standing commitment to remove abuse users we will do anything we can to aid you with your investigations however, without substancial proof as to a users guilt we are generally unwilling to breech privacy policies. All contact with us in regards to abuse matters should contain evidence to the best degree you can provide it (usually in log format) of the incident in question. The more information you give us, the better and faster we can help you. We request that all abuse requests come in the following format so that they may be assesed and investigated as fast as possible:


[ABUSE] Abusive IP or other identifier - Company/Individual Name


All matters regarding abuse should be sent to