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How to: Connect to the Phoenix Network using PuTTy

To connect to Phoenix Network, follow these simple steps:

1) First you need Putty. "PuTTY is a client program for the SSH, Telnet and Rlogin network protocols." You can download it here: For more info go to:

2) When it's downloaded, open it. Don't change anything to the Putty settings if you don't have experience with it. Put or in the Hostname/IP field. Port stays 22. Click "open". You will see something like this:

You will see this, but with "Yes", "No" and "Cancel", instead of "ja" "nee" and "annuleren". Or if you have Windows in another language, of course it says yes, no and cancel in your own language. As you can see the server host key can be cached in your registry, which means you won't get this security alert when you click "yes". This message won't be popping up until the server's rsa2 key is going to change. If you don't connect to your shell often, click no.

3) After this you will get "login as" and "Password", fill in your login details. At the password field you won't see anything when you type the password, don't worry that's completely normal. Security purposes.

You are now logged in to your shell! Play nice. :)

(c) 2006 Tutorial made by RomMaster @ Phoenix Network | Tutorial only meant to be used by Phoenix Network users