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How to: Connect to the PsyBNC using mIRC

7 Simple and quick steps to connect to #phoenix on

1) Open mIRC and type /server <vhost/ip>:<port>.


2) You will see this:

It notices you to /quote a password to connect. Since you are the first user, you can think of a password yourself. So you type /QUOTE PASS <yourpassword>. <-psybnc> will pop-up with a menu, that only the psyBNC admin user can see. Typing /bhelp will let you manually see the menu. Type /bhelp <option> to get more information about the different kind of options on the menu.

3) Time to pick a vhost from the link I gave you at step 16. When you have one on your mind, type /BVHOST <vhost>.

4) Now you want to add the server where #phoenix is on. It's located at port 6667. So you have to type /ADDSERVER :6667

In a few moments it will try to autoconnect to the server you specified.

5) Go back to the status window (the window you used for connecting) And you'll see this:

6) Type /join #phoenix to go to the Phoenix Network channel.

7) You should see a channel window popping up, something like this:

Ps. Second time connecting to your psyBNC, there will be a message about moving salt.h to a safe place.

Connect through ftp, sftp or directadmin and copy salt.h to your own computer. Then delete the file from your shell. According to the psyBNC you need salt.h to recompile, so save it.

(c) 2006 Tutorial made by RomMaster @ Phoenix Network | Tutorial only meant to be used by Phoenix Network users | Big thanks to the users who helped me removing some mistakes from this tutorial. Especially to Samppa. *cough*